My new look

Finally I managed to find time and change something here.
Of course could not get along without Sweety . (Thanks her again 🙂 )
I did not like the template I used to use before. She recommended me instead of Classic templates that provides. I chose one I had now, but did not like pictures (it was spider, beach and something else).
I started to change pictures, but could not.
I started to think of giving up, but Sweety (thanks again) forced me to have template I liked.
After 2 days I finally manage to replace background with my pictures. WoW. this is my first step in xml or whatever. 🙂
added few more things and still continue working on it.

When I started to think of “about” section. I realized, that this is the same “task” as we got from Sweety (Elevator Pitch)
and here it is!
Lesson #1
“My Life in Words…. Sometimes followed by pictures as well 🙂 ”

Feeling excited about the new design. Continue working on it.

Hugs and Best

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